"SAVA" Studio

Delivery of Health and Beauty

"SAVA" studio is a complex of unique services for your health and beauty, which will be provided to you either in a cozy home environment or during a break in your office or even in a hotel room if you are on a business trip.

The main advantage of our studio is that we provide not only high-quality services performed by professional specialists, but also deliver these services to a place convenient for you.

Our services now include more than 10 types of massage: anti-cellulite, sports, office, cupping, lymphatic drainage and others. Wrapping and swaddling procedures, manual therapy.

In the near future, more hairdressers and manicure specialists will be added to our team.


Bath salt as a gift

Instead of the hustle of the road, after the session, we propose to relax in the salt bath and thus get the maximum result from the session.

We do not just give some trinket - we continue the session. In fact, we are giving one more service that will improve the effectiveness of massage, which can only be obtained by ordering a massage at home.

In case you do not have a bath, this salt can be used in foot or hand baths.

Is a rather effective way to get rid of cellulite and fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Anti-cellulite massage improves blood circulation in muscles, speeds up metabolic processes. Excretion also occurs due to the acceleration of lymph movement.
Leads to muscle relaxation, restores musculoskeletal functions to normal, improves blood and lymph flow and the general condition of the patient.
Lymphatic drainage
Is the detoxification of the body. Thanks to it, excess fluid and metabolic products that accumulate in the body are removed. This massage improves lymph circulation and dilates blood vessels.
Designed for people who are actively involved in sports. The main objectives of sports massage are to maintain a good training form, improve the general performance of the body, ensure recovery between workouts, or rehabilitation in the event of an injury.
Is a massage where kneading is combined with the healing effects of honey. Many useful substances, vitamins, macro- and microelements penetrate the skin, making it firm and elastic.
Performed with the help of special cans that create a vacuum in certain areas of the body. This leads to the fact that body fluids are rushed to the skin and excess moisture and toxins are removed through the pores.
Aimed at relieving physical and nervous tension. The patient's general state of health improves, fatigue disappears. This is a good rest option for the whole body.
A service for employees who spend all day at the computer. This is a great opportunity to recuperate and increase productivity. Visit of the masseur to the office can be presented as a pleasant surprise to your colleague or team leader.
Is a body shaping and cellulite treatment. It helps the activation of lymph flow in the tissues, and as a result, the body is cleansed of toxins, toxins, accumulation of excess fluid.
The swaddling procedure is performed using special cosmetics. The preparations are based on essential oils - biologically active substances. The very technique of swaddling is the application of therapeutic substances to the human skin, which provide the highest activity to the lotions with which the bandages are impregnated. Then wet swaddling of the body with bandages is performed.


Promo packages for our massage services

The larger the order, the cheaper the session. The most flexible choice of services and related conditions. Discounts for your family.

Massage from 1 275 UAH per session! *

*The cost depends on the selected package or course for receiving services.

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